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Document Creator

In previous NAV releases report development was .. quite okay. Then came RDLC and Visual Studio as a design tool, and for most people that felt like going backwards instead of forward. Less functionality, more complexity.

This remarkable move inspired us to come up with Document Creator. This add-on enables developers and consultants to develop reports in less time, with less stress. Even end user are now able to make layout adjustments. And on top of that: Document Creator will convert your classic reports to Dynamics NAV 2015, 2016 and 2017 in a matter of minutes. Upgrading your reports was never this easy.

New version DCR 3.25 is now available – Download the demo

Not interested in reading or watching videos? Then click on the link below to download the demo version and test the software yourself!

idyn Document Creator Demo DCR3.25  (NAV2015/NAV2016/NAV2017 version, updated 2017-02-15)
Please send an email to to request your personal demo key.

Document Creator in 8 videos

Perhaps the easiest way to see what this product does is by watching videos. Check out these short videos from our idyn YouTube channel below.

NAV Reporting as it should be

With Document Creator building reports is almost fun. Whether you are a developer, a consultant or an end user, anyone can make changes. You no longer need in-depth knowledge. All you need is working within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Document Creator is a fully functional .NET report designer for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, compatible with NAV2015 and up. Document Creator:

  • is rich in functionality
  • has more options than before
  • is easy to use
  • offers you fantastic reports
  • speed up your upgrades by converting classic reports to newer NAV versions in minutes

This is reporting made easy again.

No more Visual Studio – no more RDLC

One of the major features of Document Creator is that the designer sits within NAV. You don’t have to worry about working with Visual Studio any more. Just click ‘Edit Layout’ and the report designer opens directly from your NAV client. No additional software or installation is needed.

If you already have a set of RDLC reports. Don’t worry, you don’t have to throw them away. DCR and RDLC reports can work next to each other as well.

Here’s why Document Creator is such a big relief

  • Includes a full featured, intuitive report designer
  • Easily drag & drop fields into the report
  • Use various barcodes and QR codes
  • Use charts
  • Use shapes, lines and images
  • Use rich texts
  • Translation tables
  • Intelligent, relational datasets will dramatically speed up your reporting
  • Direct preview, with data
  • Quick report creation from scratch
  • Import/export/share layout packages
  • Built in version control
  • Support for both VB.NET C# coding
  • “Double pass”functionality, necessary for e.g. total number of pages
  • The report designer does not require additional software to be installed on the development environment
  • No difficult and time consuming installations
  • Document Creator does not depend on RDLC
  • No hacks or tricks, Document Creator makes use of the external report framework supplied by Microsoft